Brazilian Art Director & Graphic Designer based in Belgium.       +More

My name is Leandro Pitz Schroeder. I'm a Brazilian Art Director and Graphic Designer based in Belgium and graduated in Graphic Design at UDESC University in 2008, working ever since for Brazilian and international companies.

My work is focused on fashion, music and cinema. Some of the clients I've worked with include Akomplice, Sony Music , Colcci, Coca Cola Clothing, Chilli Beans, Oüs, Storvo, Iarocheski, Jehu-cal, with fashion works featured at the London Fashion Week 2019 and Vienna Fashion Week 2017, music business like J Dilla Foundation, electronic music events like Mamba Negra and Comando, clubs like P12 and The Lash Social Club (CA), labels like the South Corean MHz, artists like Stephen Malkmus, the californian tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw, Dj's Davis, Messiahwaits, Juno Francis (Berlin), movie producers like Raw Cinematograph, Novelo Filmes and directors like Breno Moreira, in a project presented by DAZED Magazine.

In my spare time I produce Techno and EBM with an old Electribe ESX and a Yamaha TG33,  collect movies and  travel around Europe with my family in an old Renault.